Chocolate. Seductive, decadent and sinfully delicious. The pages of this book are dripping with an assortment of facts, trivia and history about the world’s favorite indulgence: * Dark chocolate contains four times the antioxidants of green tea and six times what is found in blueberries; raw cacao has even more * Chocolate also contains theobromine, a gentle, non-addictive stimulant; it provides energy and increases alertness and concentration without the jitters * The Germans lead the world in chocolate consumption per capita, enjoying 24.5 pounds per person each year, compared to Canada at 8.58 and the U.S. at 12.27 * The cacao tree, a sacred plant to the Mayans, was believed to have been delivered to humans by the gods; they used the beans as currency * Because the Mars family dislikes peanut butter, Mars Inc. does not use it in any of its products * The U.S. has about 60 chocolate-related food holidays, including National Chocolate Brownie Day on December 18 and National Rocky Road Ice Cream Day on June 2 * Bugs are a typical ingredient in chocolate with an average of 80 bug fragments per 100 grams * Every Russian and American space voyage has included chocolate bars * AND…Indulge in mouth-watering recipes, useful tips and intriguing morsels.