30-Minute Diabetic Cooking helps you prepare delicious, diabetic recipes quickly and without fuss in less than 30 minutes. These family-friendly recipes include delicious main course meals, diabetic desserts, snacks and more, created with readily available ingredients that can be prepared and served when time is short. Company’s Coming has joined forces with families of diabetics to develop this special cookbook, looking together at which recipes would fill their needs, which ingredients should be avoided, and how to best manage proper recipe portions. Healthy ingredients are creatively combined into popular dishes like burgers, breakfast smoothies, casseroles, and diabetic-friendly snacks that include cookies, cakes and muffins. Information on diabetes and the importance of dietary management is featured in the opening chapters of 30-Minute Diabetic Cooking, along with special plan-ahead tips and suggestions on how to make the most of your time in the kitchen.