The iconic image of the dusty cowboy astride his horse, crooning to his herd, has captured people’s imagination for well over a century. The heyday of the true cowboy may have ended long ago, but our fascination with that way of life lives on. Argenta’s latest book, The Cowboy Cookbook,is a tip of the hat to all things cowboy, including archival photos and historical information interspersed with recipes to provide an intimate glimpse into lifeas it was on the range.

Cowboy aficionados can now rustle up chow that would do even the crankiest chuckwagon cook proud and draw even the most rugged cowboy into thebuffet line. Some recipes are authentic cowboy fare, while others have a contemporary twist. The result is delicious food steeped in a romantic nostalgia of a bygone age recreated for a modern audience:
• the pancake breakfast complete with flapjacks, sausages, scrambled eggs and coffee
• cornbread biscuits, Johnny cake and hard tack
• buckaroo burgers, hamburger hash and shepherd’s pie
• chuckwagon stew, baked beans and prairie oysters
• Saskatoon cobbler, burnt sugar rolls and matrimonial cake.