A warning to all grownups:Kids Do Snacks is fun, wacky, out-of this-world, and all for the kids. Join cartoon characters Monsieur Auk-Auk, Creampuff, and Cookbook 3000 on a voyage through a sea of recipes into this bizarre world of cooking kid-style. Games, jokes and some truly outrageous recipes await. These are recipes kids of all abilities can make themselves with little or no help from you. They will adore serving you, “”Fried Funky Monkey,”” “”Seasoned Micro-chips,”” or the mysterious “”UFO.”” Beginner chefs start right away with simple blender-style recipes, while more experienced kids can progress through the book to recipes that involve cutting, heating and baking. Chapters are arranged progressively to match skill levels, while tips and light-hearted advice appear throughout the book. Recipes include drinks, dips, soups, cookies, sandwiches and wraps, squares, salads, pudding, vegetables, pasta and pizza.