Canadian Classics with Innovative Twists
Canadian cooking is defined by its diversity. It recognizes that the country’s geography is as diverse as its people, and close to 9000 kilometres makes for a lot of diversity! Canadian food is a celebration of Old World dishes and methods enhanced by New World ingredients—recipes that have been passed on through the generations but incorporate today’s fresh, exciting ingredients that would not have been available to our ancestors. We have reacquainted ourselves with First Nations cuisine and are more than ever embracing the traditional foods that Canada’s first settlers brought with them.
Included in this book are many traditional recipes as well as some that are developed with innovative twists to make use of the new, fresh ingredients. These tasty dishes will please the palate as they reconnect you to your family’s and the nation’s roots.
So celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday with this collection of recipes because each dish is a celebration of the country and its heritage: • Digby Scallops with Back Bacon and Vanilla • Cedar-plank Salmon with Orange Pistachio Crust • Ginger beef • Deep Dish Tourtiére • Bison Burger • Hawaiian Pizza • Cabbage Rolls • Poutine • Maple Sugar Cookies • Butter Tarts • Nanaimo Bars • Dandelion Wine. And so much more sumptuous fare from every region and many ethnicities.