If you are struggling with feeding your gluten-sensitive or celiac child, we’ve got you covered. These kitchen-tested recipes are sure to please even the most finicky eaters. They taste great and may even solve your birthday party and holiday cooking and baking issues.

Practical Gourmet and Company’s Coming are proud to present a cookbook specifically designed with an entire range of gluten-free recipes for baked goods and meal dishes with your children in mind. Using alternative flours and other ingredients to replace the gluten, you can whip up many simple, yet delectable, dishes that your kids will actually eat.

These kid-friendly recipes include:

• chocolate chip cookies

• bread and buns

• whoopie pies

• birthday cake

• pita bread

• mac ’n’ cheese

• perogies

• chicken fingers

• shake ’n’ bake pork chops

• quesadillas

• chicken noodle salad

Also included are tips, variations, substitutions and a glossary of gluten-free ingredients.