Low-Fat Express presents over 140 all-new low-fat recipes by Company’s Coming that are easy to prepare and serve in under 30 minutes. Convenience and variety are key to maintaining good eating habits, and this healthy cookbook delivers both with kid-friendly snack recipes, pasta, seafood, vegetarian and other easy main courses dinners, salad and vegetable side dishes and indulgent low-fat dessert recipes. Because we use rapid cooking methods and ingredients that need little preparation time, all of these recipes can be made even on the busiest days. Each healthy, low-fat recipe offers less than 10 grams of fat per serving and is written in a clear, easy to read format. Low-fat cooking tips and advice introduce: Low-Fat Express, along with an informative glossary on which fats are good, bad and downright ugly. How to make healthy, low-fat shopping lists and how to properly read and use nutrition labels are also featured.